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Banter between NPC party members was definitely a strong point of both BG I & II. I think it is a tough writing challenge, because you don't want to have too little or too much. But when you hit that optimum balance, it really does provide a refreshing break from the tactical side of game-play.

"You have such beautiful ... eyes."
- Coran


They have done great with snark, bark, mockery, yelling, cruelty, ect, ect, ect...
To whom will Larian look to bring equity to the scales? At this point it just may stay a gloomy world.

Oh and yes...now we have Barbarians to throw the "Barrels of Detonation".

-personally I like variety (even if I don't use it). Not an issue for me at all.

Adding something that is take it or leave it is fine...but there is a lot of "You ruined my favorite class or play-style, ect".

That is NOT good. They failed to understand and reach the target audience (it was just too foreign for them).

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