D:OS1&2 was more succesful other D&D and Infinity like titles (Pillars, Pathfinder, Solasta) so it makes total sense to aim for Larian's larger, established playerbase and try to expand it through use of an IP. Baldur's Gates were a massive hit 20 years ago, and while some of the folks are still gaming, a big chunk of Larian's audience will be a new crowd.

With the the death of Gary Gygax, D&D stoped making it's annual PC games and went back to focusing on table-top.

They did bring in a new generation of fans who learned to play with 5e.

It was popularized by shows like Critical Roll, and online table-top hosting platforms like Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.

If Larian had taken a hard look at what had made BG1 and 2 successful (what basic elements were expected to be there), and what the younger 5e crowd would expect from a turn-based PC game, the DOS crowd would absolutely have not been excluded. They were going to take the journey into this new game regardless.

I may be wrong, but I get the distinct impression that Larian actually let their game engine (a non-corporal thing) make some decisions for them.

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