Sidenote: maybe if they had some less ‘spectacular’ characters, and a few more familiar grumps from reality, I might feel more connected to the game, in the way some of Hollow Knight’s characters remind you of certain cantankerous no-hopers, embittered and war-faring in their trite and cyclical way. Like the brilliant Zote, who’s so utterly pompous, ridiculous and inept. Yet convinced he’s right about everything.

Imagine, say, someone like Zote who thinks his ideas are ingenious, even if they’re patently weak-sauce and slight. But he goes and attacks everyone else who has an idea that might actually become ‘something’.

This is the kind of thing that consistently riles Zote in the game – he’s comedic in the most brilliant way. Completely delusional and utterly lacking in self-awareness – what he hates the most is the possibility that someone else’s ‘bright bulb moment’ might actually be endorsed. So that’s his first line of attack: spittle-flecked slander of the idea that affronts him. And he just keeps working himself up from there, until he’s no longer even coherent.

So funny.

There’s just nothing ‘organic’ like that in BG3. All the characters are plot-pots, broiling with MacGuffins.