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Why is it that the moding community understands what the fans want, but Larion Studios does not?

Because fans are not monolithic.

In other words, not everyone likes what you like. Larian is catering to a broader audience than just you and the folks who tend to agree with you.

Mods cater to niche groups.

The 5e group is not a niche group. 5e is the current rule-set that is the standard for all current D&D campaigns. Everyone else would not have known the difference had they followed the blueprint.

We wouldn't have division at all, and people who don't understand "what the big deal is", would still be having fun.

...and yes, EVERYONE else who has played the current version of D&D likes what I like.

Let's keep in mind that the only reason that Larion Studios did not follow the blueprint, have a day / night cycle, a decent interface, or solved minor problems in a timely manner is because they don't know how.

It was "too difficult", "can't figure how to make this work with multiplayer", and so on.

It is absolutely not because they didn't want to...they just weren't good enough to pull it off.

On that note, the game is in "orange phase", and I am sure they cannot complete it fast enough. Feedback at this point is in fact pointless.

Final verdict:

BG3 is the best Larian Studios game ever made, and also the worst Baldur's Gate game ever made.