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No doubt about it, BG3 is a massive improvement over DOS2 in several areas. Characters, storytelling, believability of the environments are much improved over DOS2.

Except not really, IMO. As many others stated, DOS2, despite being ho-hum in the writing dept, had a solid identity with the game mechanics. It was Larian-unleashed, all fire and ice and environmental mayhem – and it was quite brilliant and unique in that respect. There’s nothing out there like it.

BG3 remains confused, as others have rightly pointed out – is it Larian or is it DND?

The shove is very Larian – and the most game-breaking-ly OP mechanic in the whole game.

In its current form, it’s a cheat code that some will say you don’t have to use. Except it’s ‘there’. Why put a cheat in plain view? And it is, because I’ve used not only the standard shove but the ‘arrow shove’ (whatever it’s called) to completely trivialise combat by just knocking opponents off a cliff or a boat, comic-book style.
The environments were excellent, I agree – until Patch 8. See Crimsonrider’s topic for more details. They ruined the best thing they had going, this late in development. Which is not a good sign.

I don’t like the plot-pot characters – no complexity, just ‘extraordinary’ gimmicks. I’ll pass on that, cheers.

We’ve gone the whole way through Act 1 and everyone is calm as a cucumber the whole time, even though apparently they’re aware there’s a worm in their heads that might mutate them into some kind of mess.


There’s a few mentions of the generically named ‘Absolute’. The Dead Three was much more evocative, but yeah let’s go with ‘The Absolute’. Will it be a god that wants to destroy the world?

You never know, I guess.