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Man, OP tries to make a thread talking about what they enjoy about the game and almost the entire thread is nothing but people saying what they hate about it. The negativity here is suffocating sometimes.

I am keeping quiet from this point on, I didn’t expect my thread to turn into this.

Nah, don't do that. As much as negative feedback is valuable, so too is positive feedback. The people that are going off topic to what you intended believe that it is their responsibility to be a "squeaky wheel", so anything that attempts to assert some positivity must be crushed. If you're overall having a good time, and like some of what you see, by all means point it out.

Inb4 "so we can't offer up negative feedback": By all means, in one of the thousands of threads that exist for exactly that purpose, instead of going off topic in threads that aren't focused on those issues. As suggested by The Composer in another thread that followed the same pattern here.