Answering the OP's question, with statements that back up why they are giving the answer that they are, and for which reasons, is not going off topic - it is precisely ON topic.

The OP posed a question - A very loaded and biased question, to be sure, but a question all the same. If the question was ONLY meant to be answered in the affirmative, then they should not have posed the thread as a question in the first place. By all means, make a thread that is specifically about focusing on the elements that you like and request when posting it that folks who don't like the things that you like, or don't agree, to leave the thread alone - that's fine, welcomed even. But if you pose a thread asking a question, don't get shirty at other forum members for answering it.

Most of the regular posters here, who are still here after this amount of time, and still providing feedback, are doing so because they genuinely want the game to be good, and are genuinely not satisfied with what they have seen so far, enough so that they want to do *whatever* they can to hopefully improve the things that are dissatisfying, no matter how futile the effort seems. Those who have long since discarded their rose-tinted spectacles can see that there is far more that is sub-par about this game than is good, and generally they're past the point of giving gentle, soft-spoken let-downs when asked about it.