Yes, in the vein of staying on topic, here are ways that BG3 improved over DOS2:
-Visual storytelling: The addition of cinematics and an improved zoom feature, combined with improved graphics, are excellent. It is a much more immersive RPG experience. Paired with this development is the fact that Larian has more of a story to tell now, with body language, facial expressions, branching dialogues with rolls, etc.
-Exploration Mechanics: The mechanics of exploration were quite limited in DOS2, with a good teleport getting you most places. By reigning in the player and providing diverse terrain, one is forced to jump, climb, teleport, and walk (and hopefully do other things, eventually) to traverse the terrain. The addition of having rolls in the world is also a plus to exploration.
-Story Progression: The camp has been a nice way to progress the story between the characters independent of the events in the world.
-Depth of Experience: The style of gameplay promoted by 5e in the form of rolls and dialogue is very fun, and Larian has implemented it well, independent of combat. I would say there is more to find in the world and more to do in it that isn't fighting.

Aside from these points, I would say BG3 and DOS2 are actually very comparable experiences, but the combat was certainly snappier in DOS2. There are certain areas where BG3 feels confused, as a half-DND half-DOS2 hybrid. There are other areas where it has clearly gone well beyond what DOS2 was capable of doing.

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