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If the only benefit to not helping is that you don't have to engage with an annoying mechanic, and not helping could potentially cost you the combat, because now you're down a damage dealer and the owlbear is likely to turn its attention to another target, then the mechanic itself is bad and needs some kind of alteration.

I don't think I understand what you're saying. Is this what you mean?


"I don't like this mechanic."

--then why do you use the mechanic?

"Because it helps me win."

--but you don't want the mechanic in the game?


--what would happen in that fight if the mechanic weren't in the game?

"I would lose the fight."

--so you would rather lose the fight than have the mechanic in the game?

"That's right."

--then why do you use the mechanic?

"Because it helps me win."

I see your point but consider this. The special weapon attack that Larian added the game. I don't like the mechanic and I don't use it (mostly because I forget it exists). I don't lose anything by not using it because it is a completely extra mechanic that Larian homebrewed. Regular weapon attacks work just fine without that. So I am not complaining about that feature. It is fine, it exists and it does not bother me.

For that help action, Larian changed the original mechanic. By not using it, you don't have access to original mechanic and Larian's version of it. The complaint here is about the change. I don't have the option to ignore it or use the version I like.