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The thing is that owlbear is not by any means a very hard enemy. At least it didn't feel that way to me. It might be that we are leaning in a direction with all this "impossible fight that I need to overcome by tedious cheesing" while it isn't even applicable - for owlbeat fight is nothing but easy. I wonder if we try to create a problem out of nowhere here. Because, again, one example of the OP just happens to prove his point, but is hardly convincing to call the whole mechanic problematic.
I did find the scenario that OP described to happen more often then not when I am in loosing situation. Often enough for me to put it into one bag with push/stealth as sloppily designed, abusable mechanic. I did have an encounter in trhe underdark tower, where Laez did all the work while remaining 3 party members kept resurecting each other over and over again. The are exceptions - like gith patrol as they have an ability to down majority of your party before you get to move. But in an even matchup, "help" seems to me to be a major, abusable advantage over the enemies.

I do wonder how problematic the mechanic will remain on higher level - with multi attack being more common resurrecting with 1hp might not be as beneficial as it is now.

Based on the content we have, I would lean toward “help” not resurrecting fallen comrades and forcing players to use healing spells or items if they want to do so. It’s difficult to say how the game will work in the long run, with more attacks and AoE spells to deal with.

All that being said, help is near bottom of my concerns - it’s a sloppy design that pops up fairly rarely in my gameplay.

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