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If you are cynical you could argue that attacking downed party members shows how clever enemies are because they know other party members can bring them up any time infinitely.

Yeah this is a double, or actually triple failure. First they make a system where the player has an unfair advantage over enemies, being able to bring back downed PC's indefinitely with no resource cost or other penalty attached. Then they fix this unfair advantage they created by making enemies act all suicidal and unfair against the player by doing their best to finish off PC's who are already incapacitated. Then they fix that mess by making cheap resurrections available. Which undermines a setting where death and murder is at the center of the story, making death, including being incinerated in a river of lava, feel like a minor inconvenience. And all of this starts going wrong from the top from a simple "Help" action doing what magical healing does, indefinitely and for free.

Bringing back downed PC's during combat should only be possible with magical healing, and even so they should suffer some sort of fatigue. Perhaps only on Hard or Core Rules difficulty, but still.