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Just looks like an excuse to bitch about something to me.
Of course it does, because you are you and self-awareness is not really your big thing.

From when you joined this forum you have done nothing but belittle, dismiss and scoff at people for having unfavorable opinions about aspects of the game, in a fairly misguided attempt to play the role of Larian's police.
How is that not "bitching" in itself is not really clear.

That aside, as some have already pointed to you several times, it shouldn't be the player's task to apply self-restrain from using the most optimal solution to come on top of a fight (i.e. "No, I think I'll let this companion die, otherwise it's too easy to save him").
It should be the job of a designer to notice the holes in the system and patch them out.

In this case, for instance, a simple and effective solution would be to limit how much you can "help" a character getting up (i.e. three times) before the next one becomes an instant kill ("accumulation of injuries").

How is it substantially different from: "The game allows six character, but only use four if you only want four."

In a million ways.
For one, one is leveraging a mechanical exploit that could be easily solved, the other is deliberately choosing with what (and how many) companion you want to go through your adventure. Maybe even solo.

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