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I usually use healing spells or healing potions instead of help.
This is what I want to see. Required use of resources (consumables or spell slots) to get people back into the fight.

I would like to play against the game, not against myself or the UI via forcing myself to not use options that are shown directly on my screen.

Also, Larian theoretically designs encounters with all the mechanics in mind. Honestly, the contribution of the Help action probably doesn't play that much into encounter difficulty, but it might play a small part. A Larian employee/Swen might playtest a fight, make use of the Help action to cheese it and win, and thus conclude that the fight is fine - tough but doable (or maybe even too easy). I don't want fights to be balanced around mechanics I consider unfun/cheesy/breaking immersion - help, shove instakill, stealth exploits, etc.