1.) Hmmm...I mean, everything? Haha. Very roughly ordered by my curiosity and/or how much I think it'd help guide future feedback:

In general, what is the process of using collected feedback and turning that into game decisions?
- What criteria are used to choose a feedback topic to investigate - frequency of feedback, compatibility with [Swen/Dev] vision, ease of implementation, etc?
- Does Larian pay more attention to broad feedback feelings (e.g., unhappy with system X) or specific suggestions (X should be replaced by Y because [reasons])?
- How does Larian deal with highly polarizing feedback - many people say they hate X and want it replaced by Y, but many other people say the opposite.
- Who makes these decisions?
- Are suggested feedback mechanisms mostly tested (even at a very basic level) before a final decision is made? Or is it common that feedback suggestions are rejected without testing, for whatever reason?

What types of telemetry are collected and how exactly they're used.
- Is telemetry is combined with feedback, or are they analyzed separately for the most part?
- How do Devs go from noticing X in telemetry to deciding how X (or other, related systems) need to be changed?

2.) Gotcha. That's understandable. Thanks anyway!