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I disagree, and I suspect you haven't seen as much of her character as there is to offer.

Ah, here’s the guy that saying other people were ‘bitching’ on another thread for expressing an opinion.

Nice to have a reaction from you at last bud – I can definitely rate your opinion highly, given that you try to tear the throats off everyone on this forum, in your insipidly highfalutin way.

I’ve read all Minthara’s opening dialogues – you’d want to have the IQ of a gnat not to notice she’s pushing the evil agenda so hard it’s almost painful. Your stoic defence of her one-dimensional-ness is as much as I’d expect from one who’s whole attitude to forum debate is one-note slander of anyone who writes something you don’t like hearing.

Anyway, I’ve made my point, you’ve made yours. Hope you don’t write any books any time soon pal, that’s all I’m saying.

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First of all, let me point out that D&D was historically made based on alignment. Goblins bad. Elves good.

‘First off’ let me point out that whether it’s called DnD or anything else, it’s a story mate. And all good writers do this thing called ‘thinking outside the box’ – not within it, which is what you seem to prescribe.

What was Irenicus again? An elf, from what I remember. Didn’t seem like such a nice elf, did he? Maybe that's why he actually seemed interesting and not some cliché like evil-Drow Minthara.

I’m only in my 30s – you’d think old boys like yourselves (correct me if I’m wrong) would have seen more of ‘real life’ to know people don’t just act like ultra-good elves or ultra-evil Mintharas.

The only reason I said anything about d&d's origins was just to kind of point out that if they're creating scenarios with specific monsters as bad guys that is not something unheard of for D&D. That's kinda a D&D roots thing.

But you seem to have overlooked the other parts of what I said when I pointed out that bg3 doesn't seem to be holding true to the stereotypes of old D&D. I gave a few examples of them thinking outside the box and having monster races that aren't necessarily bad and even some typically good races who are doing some bad things like the gnomes in the underdark. Point was that I do think that they are being pretty good about it, not just sticking to the stereotypes. If anything, they've given every single character in this story a personality, even the evil goblins, so that you might feel guilty about just slaughtering them all.

I kinda miss the good old days when I DIDN'T have to feel guilty about killing bad guys in video games. I actually even feel guilty about killing the hag in this game. You bust into her home and kill her to see if this girl who pretty much asked to be messed over by the hag.