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[quote=GM4Him]She talks about all the people who come to her, making the point that she doesn't hunt these victims down. There's such a bitterness for life in her voice. She talks about showing people their true nature.

“You know, I was gonna give you a swift kick up the arse and show you to the door…but I think you and I could have a bit of fun together" - the hag.

I’m Irish and the first sentence is a cliché, stock phrase from a bygone era over here. You really think this is original writing? LOL.

Lads, maybe stop playing games and read some books. Or even watch something with original lines, like The Wire or The Sopranos.

Also, the hobgoblin?

‘You – get to the grove. Help the drow Minthara kill the lot.’ – Red Hobgoblin, whatever his name is.

More gems from the BG3 writers – my 7 year old is still scoffing at it all. But all right, red guy has ‘depth’ does he, lol