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The era must be so bygone that I can't find anything around the Internet! Btw, did you know that the whole "the Wire or the Sopranos" films are based on my neighborhood's folklore? But you surely can enlighten me with a quote or two, can't you? Please? xD
Dude this is hilarious..

Firstly, what in the hell - you tried to 'google' that phrase to prove me wrong? Oh shit... Ok pal - so ask any Irish person you know about that phrase: you're telling me I don't know an 'auld mammys' phrase from my own country, is that it? Seriously? Are you from Ireland - obviously not, because it's a cliche. You're telling an Irishman that he doesn't know what a cliche is from his own country because you googled it and didn't find it.

Think about that 'dude'.

Good sopranos

There's some good Sopranos lines, but what in the name of hell is your point about living in the same area as the series was shot?


You directly influenced the quality of the Sopranos and The Wire because you lived there?


Well shit. Tell me more about how that happened bro.

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