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Ah bless, the old ‘kid’ putdown – must be an American thing, is it? Over here, we call that condescending – it’s usually the last resort of someone who has no leg to stand on, so they get smarmy like that. You shot yourself in the foot there squire – you’d think, being all ‘grown up’, you’d have more sense of tact. Too many video games?

I apply that last sentence to your worryingly naïve synopsis of the various one-dimensional creatures you come across.

Exhibit A: ‘Omeluum is a mind flayer who isn't a stereotypical brain eating, mind controlling monster evil race person.’

Like I said, he’s just an overly ‘pure’ version of his kin – the yin to the yang. That’s only complex in a world where you can only see two colours: black and white. Your whole conception of characters seems to be built on DnD or comics – sheltered life is what I read from that.

I’ve worked with all the big names in the IT industry, and many, many different teams. I’ve witnessed every toxic environment, listened to every con artist, been exposed to all the wild and wonderful politics of those who schmooze and those who lose – you sound like someone who’s lived in a cave, and your patronising ‘kid’ putdown is like something you’d hear from a 10 year old. Are you not embarrassed?

You really think if you invert a stereotype, you’re being ‘creative’? Seriously mate?

Come back to me when you understand people and can actually imitate them in words. That’s a real writer. Not someone who simplistically says – ‘Well, you know the illithids were considered evil in DnD, but Larian made one of them actually good: it goes so against the stereotype, my mind just blew up and I’m still picking up the pieces. They’re geniuses.’

I’d hate to be ya, that’s my only thought on that.
Clearly you're an adult having a serious adult conversation here. Your time with all those big IT companies must have given you your great communication skills, they're on full display in this forum about a video game; such a degenerate pass-time.
I'm sorry someone mistook you for a child, throw another tantrum and maybe you'll seem more respectable.

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