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Question for thought: Why is it that the moding community understands what the fans want, but Larion Studios does not?

Well, the problem is that the fans are the minority, and Larian is only interested in making money - which won't be as much if they only cater to the fans/minority, unfortunately. So, they instead cater to the unwashed masses, which is unfortunate (for us fans, aka the minority). Very corporate, but that's what happens after a company gets too far above indy status.

Tis a bit off topic, but I'll answer with my opinion.

Your question is a bit extreme. I've looked at quite a number of mod potentials for BG3, and many do not appeal to me. I'm a fan of D&D 5e and Forgotten Realms, but there are not a lot of mods that I like.

My point is that there are too many variations for Larian to make everyone happy. I've had many discussions/arguments on this forum with many different people who are all really devoted fans. JandK LOVES BG3 shove mechanics, for example. Me and others hate shove mechanics. Should Larian cater to JandK or me? Reaction prompts. JandK hates them as do others. But Tuco and Ragnarok REALLY want prompts, as does Saito and many others. I'm on the fence and trying to come up with a compromise.

There are many other examples I could give. The point is that there isn't some vast majority solution for LOTS of game mechanics. Opinions vary too much. Thus, modders fill in the gaps.