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All "I might want to" aren't achievable in video games...

I don't mean to frustrate you Max, but I have tried to create the blanket preset for counter spell myself. It has many issues.

Imagine you are fighting a powerful enemy and there is a cleric with revivify. You kill the enemy and the cleric casts revivify. You would probably want to counter that spell.

Imagine an enemy is casting conjure animal. That could literally turn the tide of battle if you are having to fight eight wolves. You might want to counter that spell.

An enemy casts Darkness. That's only level two. You're stuck in a chokehold and can't get out of that area. You might want to counter that spell because it can seriously hinder your entire party.

An enemy is casting silence. That's not an attack spell or a level 3 or higher spell. You might want to counter that or your wizard will suddenly be seriously hindered. Again if you can't get out of the silence radius you could be in serious trouble.

On the other hand, you might not want to waste your counter spell on something like barkskin or stone skin, but if an enemy has a high armor class already you may want to. There are just too many variables to account for.

And what if you don't want to waste your reaction at all on counter spell? If you are in a vertical area with lots of pitfalls, you may want to reserve your reaction for something more like featherfall. Again too many variables.

I'm not totally disagreeing with the preset concept, but I think it needs a bit more to it than simply blanket presets.