Larian is working on a AAA turn based cRPG.
Solasta is basicaly a tabletop simulator.

It will not damage Larian's image at all if BG3 is not as faithfull to DnD as Solasta is... IF they succeed at creating a good
gameplay that improve the turn base genre with a new system inspired by DnD's reaction.

But IF reactions only remains ON/OFF toggle, they'll let BG3 with a sub-uninterresting system that neither improve the turn base experience as a whole nor does it take any advantage of the appeal of dnd's reaction system: allowing us to choose things to do during the enemy's turns.

That's the only thing they should keep in mind.

What you don't get in mind @GM is that I don't mind what "I might want to". A game is made of rules that tells you what you can do. As soon as the rules allow me a bit deeper choices than "ON/OFF" toggle, I'm fine if it doesn't allow me to "imagine" what I might want to do but tell me what I can do.

The game define the rules...
If it was written in DnD that "counterspell can counter any level 3+ offensive spells once / turn at the cost of a level 3 spellslot on 3 targets - you can select new targets at every round until a spell is countered", I'd be happy.
I'd be fine in my life if this was the rules of BG3, especially if it makes combats even more dynamic when I'm just watching the game playing itself.

Coupled with the new swarm AI combats could for the most part look absolutely "real time" while being turn based.

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