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What I'm saying, though, is that there is a strong probability that players will get frustrated if the preset system isn't a bit more complicated than a blanket level 3+ offensive spell preset.

Are you frustrated when you play Xcom if your overwatch doesnt trigger on a specific ennemy ?

You aren't because that's the rule of the game.

Yes. It can be frustrating when you expect to attack one enemy, but a different one triggers overwatch.

But that is also QUITE different from triggering on AOO and triggering on Counterspell. Apples and oranges, Max.

Using Xcom as an example, it would be the difference between using overwatch to fire at an enemy running past you versus stopping an enemy about to fire a missile at you.

Counterspell is an overwatch that allows you to stop powerful enemy attacks. If my character attacks a baby enemy as he is running past me instead of stopping an enemy from firing high powered missiles, I'm going to be upset.

Same is true if my character overwatches and stops an enemy from doing a low powered single target attack as opposed to a high powered area effect attack.