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Normal Difficulty - Help restores 1 HP
Hard Difficulty - Help stabilizes an ally. Medicine Kits can be used in combat to grant 1 HP, or out of combat for a heal
Tactician - Medicine Kits can be used in combat to stabilize an ally in combat, or out of combat for a heal
Awfull idea ...

I dont quite understand why people are so fixated to this old (and frankly quite outdated) system, where everything need to be "intact part of difficiulty" ...
What if i want to use Medicine Kits, but dont want stronger enemies?

Isnt it much better when you have just difficiulty PROFILES, that can be adjusted with this being just optional setting so you can turn it on or off, regardless of what challenge you want from your combat?
Hint: It is! :P
The best solution is that Larian balances each difficulty level based on a certain set of options, but then the player can individually change all/most settings to match their preferences.

Rag, you'd maybe choose "Normal Difficulty" but then individually change the Help/Medkit option to it's 2nd or 3rd state.
Or even you'd choose "Hard Difficulty," but then change enemy HP to 80% and give all enemies a -1 penalty to their attack rolls and STs, and give allies a +1 to their attack rolls.