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The point Tuco is mostly that if a specific spell, class feature or any other reaction stuff was written differently in the PHB, most of you wouldn't care because it would just be the rules.
I can confidently disagree as reactions is something I criticised in my first BG3 feedback and it was before I played Solasta, or learned how reactions work in Table Top. Then I played Solasta and couldn’t understand why Larian wouldn’t do reactions that way - alongside concentration reactions seemed like most interesting changes in 5e.

Yes Solasta is clunky and doesn’t look AAA but that’s presentation problem, not system problem. Blizzard made fortune on a card game - it’s presentation that matters in a AAA game, not systems. I brought before XCOM: Chimera Squad’s breach mechanic - you can make anything look cool with enough budget, even a prompt asking if you want to smack someone over a head or not. It is not that different from how BG3 plays already anyway.

The idea that somehow giving player control over reactions moves the title into super niche and hardcore territory is ridiculous. So what that s is a mechanic that XCOM doesn’t have - surely that’s a selling point, not a downside.

Edit: I am not against all changes - I didn’t know how 5e bard works, as he is not in Solasta yet. In my current playthrough I didn’t mind Cutting Words at all (I hear it has been changed as well),it was satisfying to use, and I found it useful - Barding inspiration is awful though. it is just not fun to use - difficult to utilise and with poor feedback. Something needs to change, and am glad to hear that Larian is working on something, whatever it may be.

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