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Edit: I am not against all changes - I didn’t know how 5e bard works, as he is not in Solasta yet. In my current playthrough I didn’t mind Cutting Words at all (I hear it has been changed as well),it was satisfying to use, and I found it useful - Barding inspiration is awful though. it is just not fun to use - difficult to utilise and with poor feedback. Something needs to change, and am glad to hear that Larian is working on something, whatever it may be.
I wouldn't want Bardic Inspiration to be a prompt because it could activate multiple times per turn, and then even more times per round. Same reason I don't want Smite to be a prompt, basically.

Maybe Bardic Inspiration could be changed to work more like Cutting Words, granting a 1d6 bonus to *all* attack rolls, STs, and ability checks until the start of the bard's next turn, at least while in combat. Outside of combat, it'd be more acceptable to only apply to the next roll.

Alternatively, maybe BI could apply 1d6 to the next attack roll, ability check, or ST that would otherwise fail by 6 or less..? That way, it's only used on cases where it could actually change the outcome.