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I brought before XCOM: Chimera Squad’s breach mechanic - you can make anything look cool with enough budget, even a prompt asking if you want to smack someone over a head or not. It is not that different from how BG3 plays already anyway.

The idea that somehow giving player control over reactions moves the title into super niche and hardcore territory is ridiculous. So what that s is a mechanic that XCOM doesn’t have - surely that’s a selling point, not a downside.

Edit: I am not against all changes - I didn’t know how 5e bard works, as he is not in Solasta yet. In my current playthrough I didn’t mind Cutting Words at all (I hear it has been changed as well),it was satisfying to use, and I found it useful - Barding inspiration is awful though. it is just not fun to use - difficult to utilise and with poor feedback. Something needs to change, and am glad to hear that Larian is working on something, whatever it may be.

I may be wrong because I haven't played Chimera Squad but from what I just watched I just don't get how you'd like this to be implemented...
Correct me if I'm wrong, but breach is a (unique?) specific phase that allows you to choose -after your characters have started to move for the first time- which ennemies you're gonna use your attack (or other skills I guess) on...
It happen once at the beginning of combats.

It definitely look awesome. I'll have to give it a try but we're not talking about a ressource you can only spend once / round among multiple possibilities depending various conditions and all ennemies actions/moves.
The answer is never "no"... It looks more like playing your actions "during your turn" than reacting to ennemies actions with spells and class features that may trigger under tons of conditions.

If I understand correctly I think it would be boring more than engaging. It would happen way too often and most important, it would even happen when players would like to say "no".
Like if this breach thing happen in Xcom, I have everyone's point of view, but then I just say "no, don't do anything"... It's just a waste of time.

Giving control over reactions isn't super niche. Showing pops-up (or "super beautifull viewpoint that puts you right in the middle of the action") that interrupt the ennemies turns constantly to only let the player answer "yes / no" again and again is according to me.

Agree for bardic inspiration. I guess it would be better as an active skills with variations than as an active skill that leads to toggle management on another character.

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