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Doesn't the Healer feat follow the same logic that forces you to do X to achieve Y which is not anyhow different from having to Help downed characters to achieve victory?

Simple answer to your question: No. It does not.

In one case, it's a mechanic that every character, regardless of character class or proficiencies, and regardless of personal choices, simply has and can use at any time without any kind of resource limitation or value decision-point cost.

The other is none of those things.


The value of a feat like Healer is heavily dependant upon a world where the resource availability supports it; in most average D&D settings, healing potions are not easy to come by in any great quantity - strong ones are rare, and even the weakest grade is heavily limited in availability. In most cases you can't just walk to the corner store and buy a brace of 20 healing potions per character, and the ones that you can buy are generally quite expensive - prohibitively so for low level adventurers. Healing kits, on the other hand, are cheap and readily available in even small townships because everywhere where there are people, there's a need for healers and doctors (divine healing, if it's available is usually pretty expensive too).

In Larian's current game space, one of thrown dimensional-pocket potion healing with healing potions that rain from the sky in volumes enough to drown an incautious halfling, there isn't really a feasible way that the healer's kit, or the healer feat, could be made that would let it hold its own but wouldn't be ridiculous... because the things it's sitting alongside ARE ridiculous... so any work in this regard comes with the caveat that the current situation has to change first.