Let me rephrase: IF the Arcana roll is used to determine if you know the spell or not, the prompt for Counterspell is essential to combat. If not, which I'm personally fine with if they don't do the Arcana check, it could work with presets.

But seriously, if I was Counterspelling against Fly the entire time, I'd actually have preferred a preset that would just auto say No. Even Shatter is kind of a waste of a 3rd level spell.

And it wasn't 1-2 times per round. It was 1-2 times per combat. The combat was 6 rounds and I was only prompted 2 times for reactions.

My fear is that prompts COULD get heavy depending on the party and enemies you are fighting. I don't need a Counterspell Reaction Prompt every time an enemy casts Ray of Frost or Fire Bolt or something low in level, and I don't want to Counterspell Fly.

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