OK. Yep. Here's another scenario, but this one is prompt heavy. Literally happened:

Level 10 party of 4 - Sorcerer, Paladin, Druid, Barbarian (same group). Also summoned bear companion.

In this encounter, there were 2 NPCs that were allies.

Round 1. Sorcerer fireballs enemies. Enemies run up to party and surround them. NPCs attack to help the party from a distance.

Round 2. Sorcerer uses invisibility to escape out of their midst. Enemies decide to leave combat without disengage. Prompt for Barbarian. Prompt for Paladin. Prompt for Bear. Prompt for Druid.

Round 3. Sorcerer moves to get into range of enemy flying mage. I have her fly so she turns visible. Enemy mage casts a spell. Prompt. Arcane succeeds. Scorching Rays. Not worth it. No. Enemy legendary leader repositions to attack my druid. Prompt for Barbarian. Prompt for Paladin. Enemy runs past bear to attack NPC. Prompt for bear.

Round 4. Sorcerer kills enemy mage with magic missile and hits others as well. NPC moves in to attack enemies and then withdraws. This draws one of the last two enemies my party is fighting towards the NPC, once again triggering AOO. Prompt for bear. Prompt for Druid. Prompt for Barbarian.

After that, the reactions started becoming less frequent, but for a bit, my goodness! It was happening a lot.

Now, imagine if I had presets for AOO and Counterspell. Enemies decide to leave combat without disengage. I have preset All Enemies for my Barbarian, Paladin, Bear and Druid. No prompts for Round 2. Same result because I clicked Yes each time anyway with the prompts. Why wouldn't I?

Round 3. Sorcerer doesn't have Scorching Rays as one of the trigger spells for Counterspell preset. No prompt when the enemy mage casts Scorching Rays. Again, no prompts for Barbarian, Paladin and Bear. All yeses again, so wouldn't affect combat.

Round 4. Same. No prompts because preset would handle all AOO just fine.

Prompt Only Method? - Number of Prompts = 11 in 4 rounds.

Preset Method? - Number of Prompts = 0 in 4 rounds.

Same results.

Yes. This was an unusual Solasta moment where, for some reason, the AI had both enemies and allies triggering AOO a lot (the NPCs triggered AOO a lot too), but regardless, it happened. Frankly, it was annoying, and it only happened for a few rounds.

Now, this is what I'm afraid of in BG3: imagine you have a Ranger with an animal companion, a druid with Conjure Animals 8 wolves, a Wizard with Counterspell, plus maybe Astarion with Uncanny Dodge. Imagine they are fighting against Nere and the duergar.

Nere casts Misty Step. Prompt. Counterspell? No. He ports down by Astarion and hits him with his rapier. Prompt. Uncanny Dodge?
Yes. Duergar casts Enlarge. Prompt. Counterspell? No. Duergar casts Enlarge. Prompt. Counterspell? No. I'm not going to waste a level 3 spell on Enlarge or Misty Step. Those are lame. Duergar Mind Master casts Dominate spell. Prompt. Counterspell? Yes!! Duergar runs past Ranger companion to get to my Wizard. Prompt. AOO? Yes. Druid casts Conjure Animals. 8 wolves appear. Position wolves around duergar. Duergar Swarm AI moves. Several duergar are trying to get at my party and either leave melee range with wolves or run past them. Prompt. AOO for wolf? Yes. Another duergar moves. Prompt. AOO for different wolf? Yes. Another duergar moves. Prompt. AOO for different wolf? Yes. And so on. All because the duergar don't care about the wolves and are trying to get to my party.

Do you see how quickly this could get REAL prompt heavy? The above scenario is head canon, but it is based on how the AI had Nere and the duergar act during several legit playthroughs. The only head canon aspect is me adding level 6 spells and abilities to it. It's what I'm afraid of if we simply go with the Solasta prompt route without some form of presets.

And every single one of those prompts could be eliminated by a few simple default presets providing the same exact results without combat being interrupted even once.