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yeah, me personally I would much prefer to specify automation with the option to have prompts for specific reactions, rather than hyper-organising (which I would find overwhelming and even less streamlined than how it is now), but I would be happy if they added hyper-organisation as long as auto/prompt/ignore was an option too

if the hyper-organisation was the only option it would probably ruin the game for me ngl.. I adore tactical gameplay but sitting and going through a checklist for every single situational use for every single possible reaction that each member of my party could perform would be a ridiculous amount of tedium.

I hope if they're watching this thread they take the whole picture into account.

This is a common misconception, though, about the preset suggestion for Reactions. For 99% of all Reactions, it is NOT hyper-organizing.

Reactions (Default preset is the first option listed)

Shadowheart Reactions
Attack of Opportunity - All Enemies / Selected Enemies / Off

Lae'zel Reactions
Attack of Opportunity - All Enemies / Selected Enemies / Off

Astarion Reactions
Attack of Opportunity - All Enemies / Selected Enemies / Off
Uncanny Dodge - All Enemies / Damage > 10 / Off

Wyll Reactions
Attack of Opportunity - All Enemies / Selected Enemies / Off
Hellish Rebuke - Off / All Enemies / Selected Enemies

Gale Reactions
Attack of Opportunity - All Enemies / Selected Enemies / Off

Spellcasters including Gale, Arcane Tricksters, Eldritch Knights, etc. could then have the following reactions as well IF they choose them and IF they prepare them:

Shield - All Enemies / Magic Missile Only / Melee/Ranged Only / Off

Absorb Elements - All Elemental Types / Selected Elemental Types (Acid, Cold, Fire, Lightning, Thunder) / Off

Counterspell - Default Spell List / Custom Spell List / Selected Enemies / Off

Of all of these Counterspell still remains as the ONLY one that could get intense. I admit, Counterspell is still a potential Prompt Always reaction. I am still unhappy with it in terms of presets. There are just too many potential issues with a preset.

Take Philomeen
and the Runepowder scenario in Grymforge. You tick her off and she blows your entire party to kingdom come with something like Produce Flame or Fire Bolt. THAT would be a perfect example of how you would definitely want the game to prompt you to Counterspell even a lowly Cantrip. If you rely entirely on presets, the game would almost certainly not trigger Counterspell because most people wouldn't set any Cantrips on the list that triggers the reaction.

All the others, though, can be NOT prompts, and they'd work just fine...

...IN THEORY. Again, I'm not saying that I think this idea is the absolute best solution for reactions. I'm just saying I'd be willing to test it. We wouldn't really know if it'd work unless we tested it. Who knows? We could test it and it could drive people absolutely crazy with reactions being triggered at times when players don't want them to and not triggering when players want them to trigger. OR, we could test it and find that it works beautifully and keeps combat flowing smoothly without tons of prompts and interruptions.

Note: I also intentionally left out the Bard reactions because I haven't played enough of Patch 8 to know how Larian has implemented Bard reactions/spells. So, I can't speak to Bard reactions yet.