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I kind of do want to apologise to everyone; I had honestly intended, in the early days, to do these full model break downs and analyses for each of the races that needed it - and dwarves were next on my list - but I burned myself out a bit, and as time has gone on I've grown disillusioned of having any actual impact. Nothing needs as much attention and change as the halflings, and it's been hard to muster the focus and willpower to dedicate the time needed to doing the same for the other races that need less overall work.

No need to apologise and I completely agree halflings are the race that most needs change. I for one found the way you went about the halfling analysis really helped develop the way I thought about the other models, so thank you!

Other than that, I agree with the emerging consensus here: female dwarves are pretty good but their legs need to be beefier and feet bigger, male dwarves need the same but also slimmer torsos and smaller hands.

I’ve now played the game as both a female dwarf and a female gnome and on the whole was happy with the way they were animated, though Neleothesze makes a good point about the stances. I was happy with the gnome model apart from the huge hands, and while the female gnome faces are mainly either too human or too childlike, that’s been covered in another thread.

Halflings though … I’ve just recently played around with the character creator and finally managed to make just one male halfling that I think I could live with. Making a female halfling I’d like to play has so far defeated me. I just hope that the fact that the gnome is so much better - hands aside - reflects Larian’s developing sophistication with handling smaller races and they’re planning to go back an apply what they’ve learned to races that were in EA from the beginning.