By the way, while we’re on the subject of dwarves, what do we think of their heads?

I used head 4 for my female dwarf barbarian and was very happy with it. I find female head 5 too childish and head 1 to have the features oddly squished into the middle of the face, but the others are okay. I’d really like there to be an older/tougher face though, a kind of female counterpart to male head 3.

Male heads have the opposite problem. Some decent seasoned warrior heads but head 5 seems the only younger head and is a chinless wonder … though I suppose that could be covered by a beard.

And speaking of beards, dwarves are particularly vulnerable to the fact that facial hair is still not well done, though older dwarves can benefit from the fact that fuller beards now look okay when greyed (the sparser facial hair still looks extremely poor in my view).

Finally, it may be stereotyping but I think dwarves are the characters that least suit the currently available custom voices, at least until we get half-orcs. Voice 2 was kind of okay for my female dwarf but I’d have preferred something a bit older, deeper and more resonant. But the two custom voices for men - which in my opinion are way too similar in any case - in no way seem deep or sonorous enough to be issuing from those huge chests. (But please no poorly done fake Scottish accents for dwarves … though a good Scottish custom accent would make me feel right at home.)

EDIT: I should have made clear my comments about the voices are about the English language version. I realise that’s not the only one!

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