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The female dwarf models are pretty decent, all considered, honestly; of all of our smaller races, they look the most satisfying right now (their lower legs could afford to be a bit bulkier - the tapering toward the feet is too much for dwarves). Male dwarf models have very 'fantasy-unnatural' proportion distortion, and thus don't look like believable, living creatures that could actually exist as a species, which, unless a creature is innately magical and not native to the material plane, designers *should* always strive for.

I would come at the dwarf models from both directions - yes the lower body could be stocked up a little more, but it doesn't need much; the issue is the disparity between that and the extremely deformed upper body; you can make a dwarf satisfyingly barrel-chested and hardy-looking without going to this deformed extreme. If they keep the shoulder width, but pull in the chest distension a little, it would make a surprising difference to the overall visual aesthetic of the dwarf male model.


I kind of do want to apologise to everyone; I had honestly intended, in the early days, to do these full model break downs and analyses for each of the races that needed it - and dwarves were next on my list - but I burned myself out a bit, and as time has gone on I've grown disillusioned of having any actual impact. Nothing needs as much attention and change as the halflings, and it's been hard to muster the focus and willpower to dedicate the time needed to doing the same for the other races that need less overall work.

Hopefully I didn't step on anyone's toes with my post. I didn't pay close attention to halflings since it's not a race I typically play. I definitely could see halflings being reworked so they look more like this:

[Linked Image from worldanvil.com]

And less like... this:

[Linked Image from dndbeyond.com]

But I see your point on Dwarves and their chests. Barrel-chested is definitely a quality dwarves should typically have, but it might be too much on the current model.

[Linked Image from db4sgowjqfwig.cloudfront.net]

Something along these lines maybe. Or even one the example I posted earlier. This is obviously an aesthetic preference, but to me, what makes a dwarf look strong and sturdy are features like thick limbs, specifically forearms and calves, and larger hands and feet in proportion to their body that might look disproportionate on a human, but give dwarves a very stout appearance.

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