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I find female head 5 too childish and head 1 to have the features oddly squished into the middle of the face, but the others are okay.

Different heads for different character types, simple as that smile
It is much easier to roleplay a "gifted" 8 INT dwarven magician when she/he has a childish face. I will be glad if they add more heads, but I am against removing the old ones for them being not beautiful enough or smth. Because beuty is a stretch on its own, can matter anything to anyone... But I am happy that the game allows me to make some vile looking creeps like this gentleman.

Fair enough. After all, I used gnome head 3 for my female svirfneblin rogue which is definitely childish, but ended up really satisfied with it as it suited a character who loved being underestimated. Just because I can’t come up with a concept for a childish dwarf I want to play doesn’t mean others can’t!

I agree we shouldn’t remove heads that aren’t “pretty”, and while I’d maybe like to adjust some that don’t look as though they could belong to real beings, even within a fantasy context, I realise that’s probably subjective, too. What I would like to see is more choice, especially when there seems to be a head type missing which is made obvious in some cases when, eg there’s an older, scarred dwarf male but no female counterpart, and more human-looking, conventionally attractive female dwarves but not the male equivalent. Not that I’d play the latter even if there were, most likely, but I would the former.