The Female Dwarf models definitely look better than the Male models, especially in the overall proportions, but then I feel like the good work on the Female Dwarves models is sort of wasted on me. Sadly, I'm pretty sure I'm a Male Dwarf chauvinist when it comes to D&D, which is perhaps not so easy to admit, but just trying to be honest here. With none of the other PC races do I consistently pick one gender over another, I'll mix it up with Elves and Tiefs and all the rest, but when it comes to Dwarves all my defaults are hella beardy and I don't branch out hehe. I think they just never really put in the work in-Universe to give us a truly iconic Female Dwarf character, who might immediately come to mind and smooth over a half century rough patch to make the idea appealing. Instead D&D just sort glossed over that fact like 'No biggie. They exist now too. Get with the program already.' But that's also why it's disappointing that we can't recruit Nettie in BG3, cause she's done up pretty well I thought. Even if definitely a different take, to do a Druid. If she was a companion then we'd get another way into the thing, and a clear angle, some establishing lore or characterization to build from etc. But as it stands now we don't have any Dwarves to fill out our crews. For my part I'd just like one decent archetypical dwarf companion for the traditionalists. You know just gruff, squat, barrel of a dwarf with a beard to the floor and an Axe or a Hammer so you know exactly where you stand. I just feel like Dwarves are where you want a touchstone and an immutable trope. I mean when it comes to depth, Dwarves should probably stick to the gemstones, at least for me. I'd like one as a companion for the showcase, since it's probably not a go to for my PC, but at least if we had a Dwarf or two who could tag along. I don't know, but yeah, right now the Male dwarves' legs all look pretty goofy. It's like the lower half of the figure is 50% smaller than it should be. Their beards are weak. They don't have a decent voice set. Right now Dwarves might as well not even exist in the EA as a playable race, since they never make it out the starting gate for me.