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So, even if they did no presets, I'd be happy with the Solasta reactions approach. It really isn't any different from a true Tabletop experience where the DM says, "Hey John. Goblin 4 is casting Fireball. John! Stop watching TV for a sec. Goblin 4 is casting Fireball. Wanna Counterspell?"
That's an...interesting "true Tabletop experience" you have there. xD

As a DM, I'm certainly not going to prompt a distracted player to take an optional action outside of their turn. If they stepped away for a minute to go to the bathroom or get a snack, sure I'll wait for them if I know they could respond to an enemy action. But watching TV?!?! Nah; you're getting your ass fireballed.

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Ok, we have considered and we still want it. Now what?
We <> all players

I don't mind both but would prefer a default preset settings to allow proper flow especially in MP
Include me (and likely a sizable chunk of the 80+% of people who prefer prompts over auto-reactions) in that "we."