Just create more face options, some elvish, both for male and female, and then let players choose from ALL faces like you can now for hair. This would provide the most variety so players can pick what THEY think is most elvish.

Personally, currently, I agree. The male elf faces are terrible. I literally found 1 face I thought could pass for my evil Drow. That's it.

But bottom line is we need more face options for all races. Period. And PLEASE let's have some human faces that look more dwarvish, because some people have more round faces and pudgy noses and such. AND PLEASE BODY TYPES!!! Scrawny barbarians just look wrong to me. I need BIG muscular Halsin barbarians.

Ahem. Halsin keeps that rant on topic. Round face and body. We need those options for everyone - especially so Icelyn can create some Halsin look alike to have in her party if they don't allow her to have the real Halsin. 😁