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How about a 1 person party in late game?

Something terrible but giving great power, like the path of Swarm-That-Walks from Pathfinder.

I think it’s probably not what you meant, but I *hate* it when a game suddenly forces you to solo fight with a character you’ve basically built as a component of a balanced party. It’s fine if you’re a tankier fighter anyway, but awful if you’re a squishier spell caster or healer type without great damage potential. The very thought gives me traumatic flashbacks of trying to finish SWKoToR with my Jedi Sentinel.

Were you saying, though, that Larian should cater for people who want to solo in the late game with specific feats?

I totally agree. Final Fantasy 14 has certain missions that you MUST solo, and for me they are easy. I'm a healer, so I can pretty easily beat them. My wife, however, is a DPS. Every time we have to solo, she struggles to get through them because either her minions die or she does. It's probably the worst part of that game. Together, her and I are pretty tough, especially when our kids join us. We make a very good party. Solo... No.