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Wow. How did you do that confused smile?

That was just a quick fix in Gimp for my own BG1-2 games. smile I thought I'd link it here to show how seemingly small changes (slight size increase and rotation in this case) can have a big visual impact.
I think the greatest fear when implementing 'sliders' is 'omg, the animations will look wrong/horrible/misaligned if someone drags the slider too far'... but I think a lot can be achieved with less. /shrug

"Gimp"...that's freeware, right? Myself, I have experience (just experience and not expertise smile ) with Adobe Photoshop and I don't believe I could pull off a manipulation/edit that convincing. How the hell does a company with millions of dollars to burn and supposedly professional artists with access to D&D art from EVERY edition do a poorer job than an individual such as yourself?

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