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I wouldn't want Bardic Inspiration to be a prompt because it could activate multiple times per turn, and then even more times per round. Same reason I don't want Smite to be a prompt, basically.
Would it, though? From what I am reading Bard has to choose his target, the same way as it is already in EA. So really, prompts will only pop up if said character is being attacked - I don't think that would be excessive outside occasional fringe situatations. On top of that, Inspirations are limited resource, so I imagine vast majority if players will cast the Inspiration (instead of, for example, pushing someone to death) if there is particular enemy they are worried about.

Solasta should be adding Bard through a DLC sometime in the future, so I am curious to how it will play there.

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I may be wrong because I haven't played Chimera Squad but from what I just watched I just don't get how you'd like this to be implemented...
frown I never said I want this implemented - just tried to make a point that being enjoyable to interact with has everything to do with implementation and production value, not actual mechanics. That is just an extreme example of it. The only point I am trying to make is:

"Reaction popup don't have to look like Windows 95 popup.They can be snappy, evocative and fun to interact with"