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They have all the hair options for everyone. Why not all the face options too for everyone? Some humans in RL look like dwarves, for example, so if all faces in BG3 we're available no matter the race, I could make a human who looks more like a dwarf.

And this would make it so those who want pointy eared human elves could create them, but for those who want more traditional elves they could make them as well - provided they actually add a few faces that really look more elven.

I'm just saying. I'd hate it if they took away one of my favorite drow faces because someone thought it wasn't even enough.

Fully agree!
Some face models might need some adjustments (removing/adding horns or changing ears size for instance) but that seems like a fairly doable adaptation of the existing CC options.
And I'm always up for more options of course :p for all the races.

Given the number of people making those type of requests and the fact that they like to add new face models for certain npcs every now and then, I'm ready to bet they're already on it. Even if it's only for the full release.

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It might make for some very odd looking githyanki, though, I suppose.

Good point. Might needs some exceptions? Or adapting the nose on existing non-githyanki models?