Probably worth noting and relevant to everyone's interests here, the Solasta devs had a stream yesterday talking about the subclass contest design winners for Bard, Monk, and Warlock. Among other things, they confirmed that College of Lore is making it in, but with one major change that I think has been on everyone's mind for a while: How will they implement Cutting Words?

Interestingly enough, they decided to take a page from BG3 and change Cutting Words to work on all of a single enemy's rolls for that turn. Though this isn't quite as major as it sounds - most enemies only make a single roll relevant to Cutting Words per turn to begin with, and it's likely this is due to programming limitations more than anything else. (Having the game differentiate between different kinds of enemy rolls probably wasn't worth the coding effort from a practical standpoint - remember that this means it would only affect attack rolls, then the damage roll if the attack still lands, and I think ability checks aren't relevant in Solasta combat. Note that saving throws are not the same as ability checks.)

The important part is that it is still triggered as a reaction, so the potential for multiple prompts per turn is still there. As a reaction though, this means that when you do use Cutting Words, it is for a relevant enemy roll, while the BG3 pre-cast version runs the risk of an enemy just not doing anything that Cutting Words affects.