My issue is that there is a mod for party of 6 that is super simple. You change a number and viola. Party of 6. Larian has developed the game to support it but they are restricting it.

I've played it. It's a lot of fun and the game feels like it was designed for party of 6. Companions talk more with one another as you are traveling, etc. Yes. Combat is easier. Naturally. That can easily be fixed with party of 6 if they allowed it. EASILY fixed.

I hate mods and don't trust websites. My BG3 addiction caused me to compromise on it already because I really wanted to try party of 6. I don't want to do it again, and whenever you mod, the game acts weird and it's a huge hassle when updates occur. I really want them to support it, even if they don't rebalance encounters. Trust me. It's a lot of fun as is with party of 6.