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Forced solo sections in this game could backfire. If poorly balanced, there’s big potential for getting softlocked. For example, you’re going to have a really bad time if you’re a Bard and part of the solo section pits you against constructs that are generally immune to psychic damage.

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I totally agree. Final Fantasy 14 has certain missions that you MUST solo, and for me they are easy. I'm a healer, so I can pretty easily beat them. My wife, however, is a DPS. Every time we have to solo, she struggles to get through them because either her minions die or she does. It's probably the worst part of that game. Together, her and I are pretty tough, especially when our kids join us. We make a very good party. Solo... No.
Huh, I thought it’d be the other way around since DPS would kill things much faster. Then again I’m a (mostly retired) Bard main who has cleared an ultimate raid, so there probably isn’t much that fazes me in that game.

I could come back just for the opportunity to see your family in-game. I mostly stopped after clearing Endwalker due to increasing work obligations, which wasn’t too far behind.

Pathfinder WotR has a forced solo section. You can always complete it since it is a stealth section where you get a bonus invisibility spell applied to you. It isn't always about combat.

It is when the game is designed for combat. You can't pass FF14 without fighting.

Now, granted, you could solo BG3 presently if you want. They've kinda built it that way. But I think the point we're making is we don't like solo quests in games like this. You spend the whole game building a powerful Evocation wizard, for example, with lots of damage spells only to be stuck on a solo quest thing where you need to suddenly stealth well and suck at it or you need to tank well and can't or you need to heal and have no ability to do so. Why? You were relying on all your party members to work well together as a unit. You even gave all your healing potions to others thinking you wouldn't need them.

So you built up Lae'zel as your tank, Shadowheart as your healer, you're the wizard, and Astarion the rogue. Now suddenly you are all alone and have no other specialties. Best hope the encounters you are about to face are geared towards your character and not against or you're going to have a real hard time. Meanwhile, if you'd created a rogue, the solo encounters would be easier.