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I wish Larian would do like Source games and expose every single client and server flags to players so they can tweak the game engine to their liking. Want moonwalk gravity? Sure! Want to spawn npcs with custom stats and models? You can! Want a party of 38? Go for it! It would be infinitely easier than modding since it would be just editing a text file and it would work in multiplayer too since the server is authoritative.

Nah. No thanks. I'd much more prefer them to make a solid game and tell people to shove it - lol. Pun intended. Get it? Because shove is broken. BTW. I'm not serious. Well, mostly.

To be frank, I'd actually be 100% fine with a party of 4, and I'd say no more, if a rep from Larian just came out here into the community and said, "Hi everyone. Sorry party of 6ers, but I regret to inform you that we have decided to hold to party of 4. Here's why..."

Likewise, if they said, "We've decided to keep long rest as is. Here's why...". I'd shut up about that too and just accept their decision.

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