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So ...
What do you think about new Galadriel?
(Yes i know its different universe.)

Personaly i would be quite satisfied if we would get simmilar elf head. O:)

Ugh no thanks, most of the Elves in The Rings of Power look far too human except with pointed ears...and don't get me started on those slick haircuts. Galadriel in the Rings of Power looks like she is from Rohan, she would have made a fine Eowyn. Cate Blanchett at least has a slight otherworldly look to her, which translated well enough to playing an Elf.

Digressing here, but I turned off Episode 1 after 20 minutes; terrible dialogue and wooden acting.

Pretty much was I was going to say smile The BG3 Elves are waaay more Elf than those haircuts in RoP. I can't call them Elves hence the term haircut.