It's important to mention that Tolkien Elves =/= Forgotten Realms elves too. They have certain proportions that are somewhat uncommon in humans, particularly in combination together. Closer to, but not as extreme as DOS2 elves than humans, really. you might be able to get something closer to the typical elven physique by modding/reskinning the Githyanki model, maybe something that modders could even do. But they heads would have to be reworked IMO. I believe I have said it before, but bigger eyes rotated inwards a bit would go a long ways even if the faces weren't otherwise touched.

AFAIK this *might* be possible for modders to do-one really gifted one did a face scan of themselves and managed to mod their own head into the game already IIRC. I'm not technically/artistically skilled enough for that personally though, and I can't really anticipate what sort of technical problems doing something like messing with eye sizes might cause.