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...but not fine to feel exhausted or negative towards Larian because of it. Sorry if I made it sound harsh. I hope those who really need it will get a chance to have it through official or community mods.

I don't think what you said is harsh, as some on the forum do have this wrong idea of treating feedback as demands with heavy expectations rather than suggestions, and then taking it as personal slights when Larian does not acknowledge, respond or implement.

Personally I am perfectly fine with party of four, but if it ends up being a commonly requested feature they could always just add it as a gift bag feature later down the road. And if not, the mods are always there to make the game enjoyable for those who do not find it enjoyable.

There are SOME who just get super critical because they want to blast the game. There are SOME who just never say anything nice about BG3 or Larian. However, there are plenty of us who ARE suggesting out here and hoping we are actually being considered instead of totally ignored. It's very frustrating when you care about the game so much and you want it to be so much better, and you make suggestions and make them again and again and again, and you never know... Are they ignoring you because they aren't even considering it, or are they planning on adding your suggestion but they've just not gotten to it yet.

Then it's even more frustrating when you are trying to keep stating your hopes that they'll implement certain features you think would be really cool, and people keep accusing you of just griping and complaining and demanding when all you're really doing is trying to keep up the good fight and keep stating your side and why you think something will be awesome and why you think it would make the game better, only to have people condemn you for doing so.

I'm fine with people saying why they want or don't want something. Just not happy when people start criticizing me or others for stating why we want something or don't want something.

And I don't take it as a personal slight. I take it as very frustrating that they won't just freaking tell us whether they're going to give us what we ask for or not so we can STOP saying things over and over and over again for 2 freaking years. All we ask for is yes or no or something similar. You know... Let the community know whether they're actually going to allow party of 6 or just keep it at 4 so we stop even entertaining the idea.