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There are SOME who just get super critical because they want to blast the game. There are SOME who just never say anything nice about BG3 or Larian. However, there are plenty of us who ARE suggesting out here and hoping we are actually being considered instead of totally ignored. It's very frustrating when you care about the game so much and you want it to be so much better, and you make suggestions and make them again and again and again, and you never know... Are they ignoring you because they aren't even considering it, or are they planning on adding your suggestion but they've just not gotten to it yet.

Then it's even more frustrating when you are trying to keep stating your hopes that they'll implement certain features you think would be really cool, and people keep accusing you of just griping and complaining and demanding when all you're really doing is trying to keep up the good fight and keep stating your side and why you think something will be awesome and why you think it would make the game better, only to have people condemn you for doing so.

I'm fine with people saying why they want or don't want something. Just not happy when people start criticizing me or others for stating why we want something or don't want something.

And I don't take it as a personal slight. I take it as very frustrating that they won't just freaking tell us whether they're going to give us what we ask for or not so we can STOP saying things over and over and over again for 2 freaking years. All we ask for is yes or no or something similar. You know... Let the community know whether they're actually going to allow party of 6 or just keep it at 4 so we stop even entertaining the idea.

I didn't mean you specifically GM4Him, as I think you're a positive influence on the forums. You're passionate and I respect that. So I'm personally not accusing/criticizing nor condemning you of anything nor was it intended to do so towards anyone else.

What I said was meant in a broad sense, because this forum does have an anti-Larian vibe that does get unpleasant at times due to frustrations. As in the very first week of joining the forums I immediately sensed and even directly experienced this negative vibe. And God forbid anyone says anything positive about the chain system on the forum, otherwise doom is brought upon thee. So Neprostoman simply pointed out that kind of anti-Larian vibe, which I simply agreed with.

  • However I wish to stay on-topic so; I think that feedback should not be frustrating and expectations should be kept in check.

    When it comes to this particular thread, I think a six man party is an interesting idea that certainly has its positives and negatives. Although I personally really like four, I would be interested in trying out six too. However Larian envisioned for their game a four man party. So I do not think that they are ignoring anyone since this particular thread is impossible to be unnoticed as it has 1910 replies and 230,819 views. But I also think that they do not need to outright tell people that they are not implementing something that doesn't fit their vision. Nor do I think people submitting feedback should keep feeling frustrated by holding a two-year prolonged echo-chamber trying to obtain an acknowledgment.

    There are 5980 feedback threads on this very forum and who knows how infinitely many more are submitted through other sources (Launcher, Steam, Reddit and other media). And design decisions are not something that one person decides, instead it's a whole team of creative people that discuss such things through a lengthy process, based on their time and resources.

    It's unrealistic to expect acknowledgement, especially because nobody is entitled to it as there are so many great and terrible ideas out there. And even if an idea may seem great, it may not fit into Larian's vision of what they're trying to create. Not to mention they also have statistical data being collected in the background all the time to help them and this forum is a minority compared to all the people who bought and play the game.

    For example, I do not think that they have to tell a group of people who wish to turn Baldur's Gate 3 into RTSWP (Realtime Strategy With Pause) that they won't be doing that. I think it is pretty obvious they won't do it and no amount of replies nor frustrations will change that, as it is not within their vision.

Personally I believe the feedback is clearly sent and received. People would like a party of six for their enjoyment, so Larian will either do it or they won't. Neither frustrations nor a thousand more replies will change whatever they choose. It's simply being realistic.

Which is why I said, I think they might do it as an extra feature in terms of gift bags once the game releases, as gift bags in DOS2 were meant for enjoyment and were done nicely with plenty of content. But I certainly do not see them implementing this during Early Access nor for release. Their entire data collection is based upon a four man party. And even if they don't do it, luckily the mods exist. Though as far as I know the gift bags were actually community mods at the start, then officially made by Larian. So who knows, they might do it officially after release.

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