Sigh. Okay. Sorry. It's just frustrating when someone gets onto a thread and starts saying people are just being critical and demanding.

I get your point, but I do disagree with this: "But I also think that they do not need to outright tell people that they are not implementing something that doesn't fit their vision."

It's incredibly rude and terrible Customer Service to totally ignore your community when you ask for feedback and suggestions from people. I mean, this is a Megathread. They could at the very least have SOMEONE come out here and reply to the Megathreads and say, "Hey guys. We've read this request, and we're considering it. However, just so you know, there are quite a few good reasons why we went with party of 4, and it's not likely we'll be going with party of 6" or something similar. Don't just say nothing and leave people wondering.

And every time someone new comes on and says something about it, it renews my desire for it, making me return to the thread hoping SOMEONE will throw us a dang bone about it. I'm sorry, but their lack of responsiveness has left me with a REALLY bad taste in my mouth. I have a hard time not viewing Larian as a sucky company who doesn't give two poops about their fans. I keep trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, but we've even seen a few community managers out here and STILL nothing.

Even if they just came out here and said, "Hey. We just want you to know that we're working on implementing some of your suggestions but we can't tell you what they are because Swen wants to surprise you," that would at least be SOMETHING. Maybe a "It's not likely, guys" or a "We discussed it and it's a maybe," would go a LONG way.

If the company I work for was this silent with their hard-core customers, I'd be out of work. It CERTAINLY makes me NEVER want to participate in any future EAs, and I honestly had a hard time wanting to buy DOS 2 because of it. I literally found myself asking why I should buy another one of their games if they're going to ignore their customers on their own forum sites.

And yes. It's off topic, but not really. You know why? Because we've been bashing our heads into a brick wall about party of 6 for 2 years. Piss on the pot or get off. Just make a decision and tell us what it is because that's what nice people do who value their customers.

Sorry again, but you set me off. I'm not mad at you, per se. I'm so sick of how Larian is treating us. That's all.